“ There used to be time to arrive. Incremental geographical changes would ease the inner transitions: desert would gradually give way to shrub, savannah to grassland. At the harbour, the camels would be unloaded, a room would be found overlooking the customs house, passage would be negotiated on a steamer. Flying fish would skim past the ship’s hull. The crew would play cards. The air would cool. ”
A Week at the Airport, Alain De Botton

Coté Memo #051: Meetings suck, links galore

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I decided to shorten the template a bit, moving the boiler plate stuff to the end.

“ A long wait for a scanning machine can induce many of us to start asking ourselves if we have perhaps after all left home with an explosive device hidden in our case, or unwittingly submitted to a months-long terrorist training course. ”
A Week at the Airport, Alain de Botton
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